Thursday, March 21, 2013

Do lakers need kobe to win..?

Lakers play two games without their star player Kobe Bryant because of the accident in Atlanta. Kobe is still in recover because of the major ankle sprain and is hopefully coming back on their game against the Washington Wizards tomorrow. Without kobe lakers go 1-1. Even though they lost on monday they are still 8th in the western conference. It is an easy win for them tomorrow, Wizards really done have anyone that can help them win and they are last in the western conference so they really don't have anything to worry about.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tonight's Matchup.

Tonight's matchup is the Los Angeles Lakers vs the Oklahoma Thunder. Lakers really have to win tonight to show that they can compete with the top teams in the league. Oklahoma has two allstars on their team along with the lakers. Lakers need to get the ball to Dwight Howard because i think he can take Oklahomas center. We need to keep Kevin Durant, Okcs allstar, under good defense. Russell Westbrook isn't to much of a worry for the lakers. Kobe Bryant needs to have a scoring mentality but also needs to pass when it is necessary. Its going to be a good game and hopefully lakers take the win.   

Friday, March 1, 2013


The game yesterday against the Timberwolves was excellent! The lakers played really good and got 50+ points from their bench. Overall they played good defense along with good offense. Kobe looked like he was 24 years old. He dropped 33 points in three quarters. Lakers really need to keep this up to make the playoffs, kobe said they were going to make it and I trust what he says. Now they have to worry about their game against the Hawks on sunday. gg